Beauty product photography for Muse Beauty, USA

This was another beauty product photography project. As more businesses start to offer their products online, they need quality images to showcase them. For this project, I worked on creating standard, white-background images, as well as creative hero images. About the client A lady contacted me through my Instagram channel about her beauty product. She…


Photographing furniture for Juhaniak Wood

This time around I got to work on an exciting project that focused on handmade, hardwood tables. The client makes and sells a variety of different furniture in his area. Client wants to reach a broader audience and sell his products online. I was tasked tasked with responsibility of taking several product images of his…


Watch Photography Project for Twissic

I recently had the pleasure to photograph watches for a leading watch manufacturer. Twissic is a family-owned watch business with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. At their core, they believe in bringing back the basic of time keeping to everyday consumers. This means they put functionality and design first, resulting in a simple, yet…


Flying boxes

Strange boxes I found on my way home and I could not resist photographing Strange boxes I found on my way home Strange boxes I found on my way home Strange boxes I found on my way home Strange boxes I found on my way home Strange boxes I found on my way home Strange…


Photographs for a fashion brand’s homepage

The features comprised of jewelry and accessories. This time I was challenged with creating several unique still life photographs for a fashion brand’s homepage. The features comprised of jewelry and accessories. To achieve consistency, each shot had a similar setup to it, as well as the same depth of field and shadow intensity. Ultimately, I…


Silver at Tokyo International Foto Awards 

The Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) is an international competition in photography that is dedicated to identifying and rewarding talented photographers. It aims to connect participants with audiences and new eyes in the creative circles of Tokyo, Japan. All photographers are welcome to enter the competition. Tokyo International Foto Awards winners receive significant international publicity…


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