The Philosophy

My approach is one that encourages me to fearlessly push the boundaries with my subject matter. My obsession with exploring new points of view allows me to create original pieces of art that “wow” my clients and their audiences.

The Mission

Drawing on my technical knowledge and creative drive, I focus on bringing my clients high-quality images, elevated by my unique artistry, skilled eye and obsessive passion for excellence.
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The Studio

I built my Still Life photography studio to foster creativity, inspiration and comfort for both clients and aspiring photographers. Since 2014, I have based my practice out of Slovakia, however, I travel all over the world to connect with local and international clients. When not hosting client projects, the studio is used to shoot educational Still Life photography video tutorials I teach online.

About me

As a still life photographer, I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. Influenced by an artistic family upbringing and inspired by the natural world around me, I was able to transform my passion into a full-time career ss a commercial photographer and CGI artist specializing in Still Life photography.

Born in Slovakia amongst an abundance of nature and rich folk culture, my style has evolved to encapsulate a lifetime of artistic influence. By studying both design and engineering, I have fused two distinct worlds to create something truly magical for each of my clients.

Having worked for over a decade in Canada as a design professional for several firms in Toronto, I understand the nuances of the industry. By surrounding myself with a wide variety of artists, architects, engineers and craftsmen, I have further developed my skills and honed my craft.

Today, I continue to impress my clients with an obsessive drive for perfection with every image I shoot.