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“Learn how to model and light products in 3D! This CGI product photography course will break down, how to make and render this cosmetic product”
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In this online course we will break down the fundamentals of commercial, 3D modeling in Blender: We will cover lighting, composition, styling. A special emphasis will also be on creating proper 3D models, texturing, materials, and final rendering. For this project, we will use this cosmetic product as our subject.

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CGI photography course

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What my students say

Eulalia Civit
5 stars review

Eulalia Civit

Barcelona, Spain

“Thank you Martin to share your knowledge and passion with that transparency. You can appreciate the huge and hard work behind this tutorial. Very structured and complete from the very first idea till the final picture. Brave and fantastic job!”

Kfir Einav
5 stars review

Kfir Einav


“A very clear and to the point presentation, martin’s style of photography is elegantly simple and produces eye capturing results. it’s awesome to see that he achieves this with very affordable equipment. all information is given openly for us to learn, in a very comprehensive manner. I’ve already signed up for the next tutorial”

Manuel Lichtenberger
5 stars review

Manuel Lichtenberger

Augsburg, Germany

“The first tutorial of Martin was a dream to watch. In my opinion it is very structured with a lot of useful content. Was a pleasure to get an insight in his beautiful work. I will go for the next tutorial of him for sure! Manuel from Profi-Bilder.com” 

Mahmoud Marei
5 stars review

Mahmoud Marei

Dubai, Arab Emirates

“I always followed my passion of photography and I always believed that sharing knowledge is happiness. There is so much good information in this tutorial. I’m happy to know such great artist like you. Thank you

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