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Jewelry Photographer - Martin Pitonak

Jewelry Photography

I’m a commercial photographer, specializing in jewelry photography, working with business all over the world.
Jewelry Photographer - Martin Pitonak

Jewelry Photography

I’m a commercial photographer, specializing in jewelry photography
working with business all over the world

What My Clients Have To Say


Alia Sydney

Jewelry Designer

“Fantastic work! After going through all the details, the result were excellent. Photos with the model were also professional and according to our imagination. Very fast communication. All photographs and service at very professional level. In the future, our company will make use of the service again for sure.


Mikuš Diaminds

Family jewelry business

“Choosing mr. Pitonak was a good move. He really exceeded our expectations and we are really happy with images of our products right now.”



Fashion Retail

“The first tutorial of Martin was a dream to watch. In my opinion it is very structured with a lot of useful content. Was a pleasure to get an insight in his beautiful work. I will go for the next tutorial of him for sure! Manuel from” 


Dora Fashion

Jewelry retailer

“We have been working with Martin for extended period of time on several projects. Every time the experience was outstanding. Always delivering on time, unique, creative and well balanced images based on our requirements. We really feel we are in good hands.

How Does It All Work

How does your pricing work?

Each client has unique requirements, so we tailor every project to your needs. Firstly, it is important that I understand your requirements. We will discuss the layout and dynamics of your shoot. And prepare a personalized quotation for you. Once we agree on the terms and bids, we will set the exact date and range of products to photograph. A 50% charge of the total agreed price must be paid for the binding reservation of the photograph.

How do I send you my products?

If it is a product that can be sent by post, you can send it to me or I will pick it up by courier by mutual agreement. It is important to pack all products safely so that they are not damaged during shipment.

Do you work with models?

If a model is needed, I will send you their photos in advance for approval. For each person photographed, I will add the “model release approval”. This is a contract in which the model guarantees that it is capable of applying copyright.

How do you photograph my products?

Depending on the use of images, we will create a custom setup based on your needs. Each brand is unique, and it is important that we photograph it in a way that captures the message behind it. We will prepare a recommended approach for each product and agree on a schedule.

What do you use to photograph products ?

I use professional and trusted 50 megapixel technology and photography equipment when capturing images. We select the correct dispersers, quality filters, and lighting to achieve the desired result. Every slide will go through professional editing software to clean up or remove even the smallest deficiencies that could not be avoided during shooting. The final images will be of commercial standard.

How do you send me photographs?

Once your photos are ready, I’ll upload them to a private, online gallery where you can view and download them. All the images will remain accessible online in your account. After photographing the products and reconciling the resulting photos, all of your products will be sent safely back to you by a courier at a predefined address.

Good photography is good for business

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Still life photographer - Martin Pitonak
Each client has a different set of specifications, so each project is personalized. Typically, the price is made of creative and usage fee, depending on the type of project. Please complete the form so I can better understand your needs. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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