Jewelry photography

Ready to lead the industry with stunning studio or CGI imagery? Enquire about professional jewelry photography today

Specialized knowledge

Jewelry photography requires intricate attention to detail and complex shooting techniques. My specialized knowledge will allow me to show your products off to their full potential.

Years of experience

I have years of experience in jewelry photography and am well-equipped to capture the complex details of your most intricate pieces. Your jewelry is in safe hands! 

Creative and original

Using cutting-edge and highly skilled techniques, I can create innovative imagery that will make your jewelry stand out in a way no other product has before it.

High quality images to promote your jewelry

Allow your jewelry to leap off the page and captivate your customers with creative and unique product photography of your jewelry. Using advanced techniques tailored to highlight your product’s best bits, your jewelry will shine to its true potential. Gone are the days of your customers ‘viewing’ you jewellery – now they will get to experience it.

Using expertly adjusted studio photography lighting and styling, I can create beautiful imagery for your necklaces, watches, rings or bracelets.

Take things a step further with CGI jewelry photography and allow me to create breath-taking, hyper-realistic 3D visuals of your products.

Competitive advantage

Give your products the advantage they deserve by showing them off to their full potential with professional jewelry photography. 

Stunning jewelry photography

Whatever your product, get your hands on detailed imagery with creative backdrops today and let your jewelry advertise itself.

Getting hold of creative and expertly crafted visuals for your bracelets, necklaces, rings or other jewelry products could not be easier using CGI. Simply let me know all about your product and goals, send me a sample or reference images and we're all set to go!

1. Tell me about your jewelry

Are you selling elegant necklaces, trendy rings or suave watches? Which aspect of your jewelry do you want to highlight? What is your ultimate goal?

2. Send reference images

Send some simple reference images taken quickly and easily on your smartphone to help me figure out the best way forward for your products!

3. Get a price estimate

I will send a price estimate for all your jewelry photography needs. We can work to find the best option for you within your budget. 

4. Securely ship your jewelry

If you opt for studio jewelry photography, you can ship your products in the post or by courier. If CGI photography is your chosen route, skip this step!

5. Join the creative process

You know your jewelry inside out, which is why your input is equally as important as mine! I will always welcome your ideas and thoughts.

6. Receive your images

Your stunning jewelry images will be sent to you in a handy digital file, ready to be used to wow your audience and increase your sales!

Make your jewelry set the new standard

Raise the bar and set a new standard in jewelry marketing with innovative and creative jewelry photography. Whether you chose to keep it traditional with studio photography or pave a creative path using CGI, your pieces will lead the crowd and leave your audience breathless.

E-commerce websites

Level up your E-commerce website with stunning imagery that will be forever ingrained in your audience’s mind.

Jewelry designers

Get the return you deserve for all of your hard work by showcasing your jewelry’s intricate and unique details.

Wholesale & retail

Stand out amongst fierce competition and appeal to individual buyers and stockists alike with photography like no other.