Catalog vs Creative Photography



Catalog vs Creative Photography

We offer both catalog and creative photography, each of which have different applications and merits. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two distinct photography styles.

Catalog vs Creative Photography

What’s the differencie?

Catalog photography is a less expensive option that can produce sharp, professional and consistent product photos for your catalog or website listings. With creative photography, however, you will get the opportunity to showcase your products in a memorable and experimental manner, setting yourself apart from the competition.

Catalog photography

Catalog photography typically involves photographing your product on a crisp and clean white background, taking special care to avoid inconsistent lighting and unwanted shadows. Catalog photography is the perfect choice if you’re looking for images to feature on your online store’s listings, or to print in a physical copy of your catalog. Opting for professional catalog photography is the ideal option if you’re looking for basic yet striking imagery that allows your customers to compare products with ease.

Creative photography​

Alternatively, creative photography is the ideal choice for social media or your website’s banner. This branch of photography involves expert research, experimentation, collaboration and a great deal of creativity. The result for your product is stunning imagery that will effectively captivate your audience’s attention. With creative photography, the possibilities are endless, and your vision can be brought to life with a range of technical lighting, styling and rendering processes that will evoke the precise feel you are looking for.