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Jewelry Photographer - Martin Pitonak

Product Video

Product video with motion graphics, is one of the best ways to showcase your product
Jewelry Photographer - Martin Pitonak

Product Video

Product video with motion graphics, is one of the best
ways to showcase your product

Product Video FAQ

How do I send you my products?

If it is a product that can be sent by post, you can send it to me or I will pick it up by courier by mutual agreement. It is important to pack all products safely so that they are not damaged during shipment.

Do you work with models?

If a model is needed, I will send you their photos in advance for approval. For each person photographed, I will add the “model release approval”. This is a contract in which the model guarantees that it is capable of applying copyright.

How do you film my products?

Depending on the use of video, we will create a custom setup based on your needs. Each brand is unique, and it is important that we photograph it in a way that captures the message behind it. We will prepare a recommended approach for each product and agree on a schedule.

What do you use to film products ?

I use professional and trusted technology and photography equipment when capturing images. We select the correct dispersers, quality lenses and lighting to achieve the desired result. Every take will go through professional video editing software to edit scenes, music or motion graphics into one seamless experience. The final video will be of commercial standard.

How do you send me final video?

Once your video is ready, I’ll upload them to a private, online gallery where you can review and download it. All the videos will remain accessible online in your account. After filming the products and reconciling the resulting files, all of your products will be sent safely back to you by a courier at a predefined address, if necessary.


Choose Your Pricing

We call the pricing above introductory, because it will most likely change soon. We want to give you a better deal now and encourage you to work with us. We have been exploring possibilities of motion graphics & product video for some time now and we really care about this new medium. Right now, we simply offer a high quality video service at discounted price for limited time.

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Still life photographer - Martin Pitonak
Each client has a different set of specifications, so each project is personalized. Typically, the price will range from 999£ to 1999£ for a product video, depending on the type of video and the number of the resulting scenes. Please complete the form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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